Infant & Toddler Support

Parenting a toddler can be one of the most rewarding experiences AND one of the most exhausting experiences you may ever have!  As children get older, they require less physical demands and much more emotional demands- they are learning to navigate their world and determining what they have control over. I can help you implement parenting systems and practices that help regulate the chaos that is parenting a toddler, including:

    • postitive discipline
    • establishing routines and beginning self care (dressing, putting clothes in the hamper, etc)
    • behavior management and modification
    • sleep support
    • feeding support
    • other parenting questions and concerns

Pricing: (Initial one hour in-person consultation is free!)

Phone Consultation (minimum of 30 minutes):
30 min/$25       60 min/$50      

Home Visits:
60 min/$50      90 min/$75

Punch Card:
5 hours (to be used any way you want)/$225

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